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November 14 2017

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November 07 2017

November 03 2017

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Luz Restirada (Lengthened Light), 1945 - Gelatin silver print

How to end the endless war - The Boston Globe


Wars that the United States is waging around the world undermine our security by turning entire populations against us and diverting our attention and resources away from urgent needs at home. No, the opposite is true: the United States faces serious threats, and can only protect itself by confronting them wherever they emerge. This debate has divided Americans for more than a century. Congress may soon have a rare opportunity to take one side or the other.

The battleground is Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East. For nearly three years, Yemen has been under relentless attack from the region’s richest country, Saudi Arabia. Saudi bombing has created what the United Nations calls “the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.” More than half the population is hungry. Cholera is raging and may afflict 1 million people by the end of this year. A child dies from preventable causes every ten minutes. Saudi forces have blockaded Yemen’s main port, so almost no humanitarian aid can reach the victims.

This war could not proceed without American help. Missiles and bombs raining down on Yemen are made in the United States. American intelligence officers help Saudi pilots pick targets to attack. Most important, American tanker planes refuel Saudi fighter jets in flight, allowing them to carry out many more raids than they could if they had to return regularly to their bases. At the UN, American diplomats work to water down condemnations of Saudi Arabia, and to block investigation of possible war crimes.

Outrage at the American role in this war has led several members of Congress to propose a resolution that would pull the country out of “unauthorized hostilities” in Yemen. If they can force a vote, it may come in the first days of November. This will give Congress a chance to decide what role Washington should play in Yemen, in the multi-front Middle East War that we have been fighting since 1980, and in the world.

The resolution to pull US forces out of the Yemen war has bipartisan support, but so does the war itself. President Obama made the decision to plunge in, and President Trump has continued his policy. Both decided that the United States had to stand by its traditional ally, Saudi Arabia. Supporters of the war also make other arguments. They point out that forces we are helping to bomb in Yemen are supported by Iran, which we consider an enemy. Victory for those forces might be counted as a strategic loss for the United States. It could allow Yemen to become a base from which Saudi Arabia itself might be subverted. American involvement in this war is also a symbol that Washington stands by its allies and will use all means to crush terrorists in the Middle East.

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October 25 2017

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Deer Lagoon Wetlands

Whidbey Island wa

photos by tsparks

October 19 2017

Gene Wolfe 🤠

Approaching Gene Wolfe with Awe and Trepidation
By - Matthew Keeley

Two feelings predominated my first reading of Gene Wolfe: awe and trepidation. The awe was for Wolfe’s mastery of prose, tone, setting, voice, mood, and incident: I had not realized that science fiction could be so fraught with meaning, so numinous and so horrifying, or that any writer could so successfully marry apocalyptic drama, baroque landscapes, and violent action with pensive introspection and rueful reflection. The trepidation? I didn’t know that anyone could sustain this level of accomplishment for four volumes and a thousand pages. Could he really be this good? As it turns out, he really was.

August 26 2017

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Brion Gysin - Danger: Portrait of William S. Burroughs in Front of the Théâtre Odeon (1959)


August 25 2017

CSP - Major Episodes of Political Violence, 1946-2013

The list of dead is truely staggering, the gods must weep.

There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in.

Desmond Tutu (via


(via boh-forse-mah)

August 24 2017

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King Moot - Crushed Elms [2017]

We will never ‘win’ militarily in Afghanistan, nor can we kill our way to success.
Retired Admiral James Stavridis (via azspot)

Right-Wing Politician Protests Kassel’s Acquisition of Documenta 14 Artwork

Kassel city councilman Thomas Materner, who is a member of AfD—a xenophobic nationalist political group—has threatened to organize a wave of protests at Olu Oguibe’s Documenta 14 work, an obelisk dedicated to refugees, should the city choose to acquire it, Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine reports.

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Calling it gentrification—well, I think we need a new word for it. Gentrification is not all that bad if it’s gradual and if people who move to a neighborhood want to be a part of it. We’re seeing a weird hyper-gentrification, moving at warp speed and totally transforming the city in a way that’s not organic or people driven. It’s all development driven.

One major problem is surrounding the Limited Liability Companies or LLCs. Many buildings, including the Chelsea Hotel, are owned by a string of LLCs and it’s a way to hide money and speculate on real estate. We don’t really even know who the owner of the Chelsea Hotel is. It’s weird that you have to give your name to apply for a credit card, but you don’t have to give your name if you’re gonna own a $100 million building

—  Ed Hamilton on how the Chelsea Hotel inspired personal stories of gentrification

August 21 2017

A certain type—he knew them all too well from years of experience as a detective, he knew how they acted, how they spoke, how their minds worked. These were people who would do anything to win at what they saw as the game of life, who had no allegiance to anyone or anything beyond themselves, who were gifted liars, who could scheme their way into almost anyone’s confidence, then betray them without hesitation. If they were criminals.. they believed in their hearts that everyone was a criminal, everyone was a hypocrite. To such people the only thing that mattered was their own existence; what happened to their victims, and they left a trail of victims, counted for nothing, it was their own fault to bad for them.
— Alan Furst – A Hero of France
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Trees making pinholes. Sun shining through casts shadow crescents. (Basically how a camera works) #SolarEclipse2017

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Cresent Shaped Shadows on on my porch wall. How does the eclipse do this?

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